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5 House Cleaning Facts

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Most people do not enjoy cleaning because it takes time, and you would probably rather do anything else, such as hanging out with friends or watching a movie. For example, while you enjoy preparing and cooking the Sunday lunch for your family, you certainly do not enjoy the mess that is left after that. You often feel that you need help, either from friends and family, or you call janitorial services for help, which is perfectly fine. The fast and very overwhelming pace of life and number of obligations often lead to leaving our house in a mess, and the existence of such services is probably the best option, especially if you can afford it. However, although many people have such opinion, house cleaning is not at all a simple process, where it is enough to have only good cleaning products. Cleaning your home does not just include making your home look brilliant, but spending a lot of time, money, and your nerves as well. Also, cleaning has many advantages, allowing you to have proper physical exercises that also affect your health. Start cleaning your home with a positive attitude and you will really enjoy it. Remember, you clean your house in order to provide an organized, neat and clean environment. You definitely want your home to be a safe and healthy place to live. Taking all this into account, we searched the internet to find some interesting facts about the house cleaning. Surprisingly, there are really many, and this list will provide you with some of them. Let us read together!

  1. Air Quality

Although it sounds like a cliché, it is really important to carefully choose the cleaning products you will use in your house. The best thing is to go green and natural, and even make some of the homemade cleaning products, using vinegar, baking soda, and lemon. With chemicals you use, you can make the air quality in your home as much as 500% worse than it is outdoors. Terrifying, right?

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  1. Mayonnaise and Ketchup are not just for eating

Yes, you read it well; you can use these things to clean wood and silver. More specifically, mayonnaise is widely used to remove the watermarks on wood. The secret is only to let it stay overnight and clean it afterward. On the other side, you can clean your silver with ketchup, simply soaking your items in it and leaving it for 10 to 15 minutes. This will do miracles to your precious silver items.

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  1. Bananas are not just for eating either

Yes, it sounds funny, but after you enjoy a delicious banana, do not throw the peel, especially if you have some silver to polish. Besides ketchup, this is an additional option, which can also be used in case of polishing leather shoes.

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  1. Cleaning your place is the best exercise

Get ready to be surprised with this; cleaning for at least two hours may help you burn around 200 calories. I bet that many people will decide to tidy up more in the future after reading this.

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  1. Numbers matter

It is estimated that an average woman spends 12,896 hours cleaning during her lifetime, while that number for men is only 6,448. This is a huge difference, and something should be done in this case definitely!

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