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5 Highest Paying Law Fields

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If you are in law school, or if you still think about what to study and how to organize your professional life, make sure to read this list of highest paying law fields. You will definitely be surprised by these numbers.

Lawyers today are more necessary than ever since you cannot do basically anything alone, without hiring a lawyer. Even the employment process sometimes cannot go without an employment lawyer, being an additional portrayal how the world is in need of them. However, not every law field is equally paid and you should know that. If you are entering this profession only with a goal to earn a lot of money, you should first check which field provides the biggest salary.

On the other side, don’t forget that being successful is the key, and you should do your job in the most professional manner in order to gain a lot of clients. Additionally, graduating from the law does not exclusively mean working only as a lawyer, as it all depends on your further aspiration and education.

Let’s check the list of the highest paying law fields:

1. Employment and Labor Attorneys ($82,000 – $90,000 annually)

Today when the job market is crueler than ever, sometimes you need to hire an employment attorney to make sure that everything is legal and fair at your work, including the relationships between employers and employees. For this position, these lawyers are paid on average $82,000 to $90,000 annually.

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2. Chief Legal Officers ($202,940 annually)

If you haven’t heard of this legal field, but you have heard of general counsels, make sure to remember that that is the same thing. In short, these lawyers are the heads of the legal departments of corporations, and this is a highly paid position.  According to PayScale, it can even go up to $202,940 annually, which is one of the highest paying law fields in the job market.

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3. Judges ($170,000 annually)

Being a judge is a much-respected position, but besides that, it is also a very well paid position. This also depends on where a judge presides, whether in federal, state and local courts. Federal court system definitely offers the biggest salary, while local judges earn the least. However, in general, the average annual salary of a judge is up to $170,000.

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4. Trial Lawyers ($133,470 annually)

This is also a very well paid field of law, but you need to be a highly skilled professional in order to become a trial lawyer. Clients need to have a full trust in a trial lawyer, and the more successful cases the better. The median annual salary is $133,470 in this case.

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5. Intellectual Property Lawyers ($143,000 annually)

Intellectual property lawyers are also marked as patent lawyers, as their main job is to deal with protection of ideas, copyrights, trademarks, patents, and any other concepts that can be profitable and that must be protected.  The average salary, in this case, is $143,000 annually.

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