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5 Essential Kitchen Equipment in a Small Restaurant

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Running a small restaurant can be hard, especially financially. In the beginning stages of your restaurant, every purchase needs to monetarily benefit your business so you can grow.

The required equipment is one of the larger fixed costs that you will endure which makes choosing the right pieces even more important. There are some pieces of commercial kitchen equipment that can shape and change your restaurant while driving more profit.

The following are some of the best types of equipment that your small restaurant should consider investing in.

1. Coffee or Espresso Machine

A coffee machine is a great additive to any type of business. For the service industry, giving customers a nice cappuccino while they wait can completely change the perspective of the business. The same is true for small restaurants. A good coffee or espresso machine can drive customers into the restaurant, encourage them to try other items on the menu, and drive beverage sales. This is a beneficial investment for every type of restaurant or cuisine as clients order a coffee at any time of day and with almost every type of food.

2. Buffet / Food Displays

A great way to show off your food to either in store customers or passerbys is with a buffet or food display. This piece of equipment is a great way to encourage consumer spending because you are showing them exactly what your product is. For example, placing your dessert options in a display case is much more likely to encourage consumers to buy a dessert after looking at it rather than just seeing options in a menu. This also works for showcasing food in your store window to attract new consumers by portraying how delicious your food is.

3. Undershelves or Hidden Storage

Not only do small restaurants face challenges financially but also with storage space. It can be difficult to maintain a presentable dining area when the kitchen, office, and storage space are all full. A really great investment that all restaurants should have is undershelving or hidden storage. Placing shelving options under chef tables, countertops, bars, or even hidden storage in the dining room will change the layout of your space. This type of equipment is an internal investment that will keep all members of your business clean and organized.

4. Bread Makers

The investment of a bread maker is dependent upon the size of your dine-in clientele and type of small restaurant. Homemade bread can change the clients dining experience in every stage. By providing fresh, homemade bread at the beginning of the meal, you are setting a high quality experience. The investment in a bread maker will give your small restaurant a large competitive advantage as it will greatly increase the flavour and experience in your dish.

5. Patio Heaters

Summer weather provides a great opportunity for restaurant owners as more people are wanting to enjoy the warmer weather by sitting outside and enjoying a nice meal. By investing in a patio heater, you can provide clients with this atmosphere for more time throughout the year. Patio seating is a great way to drive beverage sales, extend your menu, and gain clientele. This investment will enhance your patio and outdoor atmosphere.

There are many different types of restaurant equipment that can change the way you attract and conduct business. Consider beginning with smaller investments, such as a coffee machine or patio heater that will expand your offerings and grow your business with minimal efforts. The above-mentioned types of equipment can be implemented immediately and provide immediate return on investment for your small restaurant.

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