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5 Electronic Equipment to Your Cabinet Cooler Will Protect

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When it comes to the thermal management of electrical equipment the humble cabinet cooling fan is one of the most simple and effective tools available. It is true that it can be limited to the amount of heat that it can dissipate at a given time, however, there are a number of applications for which this ingenious piece of technology is perfect for.

Here are 5 great uses for cabinet cooling fans.

1. Portable Compressor Drives

Variable frequency drives that are used in small compressors are just crying out for a cabinet cooling fan. These are often used in clean floor applications such as computer laboratories. These filtering systems don’t need to work too hard as they only need to be able to cope with a small amount of particulate matter in the air. These fans are often made of metal and plastic. They have grilles that are easy to remove that allow for easy cleaning.

2. Small Indoor Data Servers

The little machines that allow everything from Google to a small office network stay operations need to be cooled down. Data servers and their accessories such as network switches and routers for a small organization can be cooled by a cabinet cooling filtered fan. As the number of these data servers or switched increase within a confined space then more cooling fans may be required. It can, of course, reach a point where additional cooling systems are required such as refrigeration units. Humidity is also something to keep an eye on, as this can damage the components within the servers.

3. Media gear

Even some media equipment such as entertainment consoles, antenna substations and AV receivers will need to be cooled down during their day to day operations. As they dissipate low to moderate levels of heat this makes them an ideal candidate for a cabinet cooling system. Having the right tools in place to ensure that this media equipment is not allowed to overheat is vital to ensuring that it remains operational. Without the correct cabinet cooler installed, you may find that some of your systems goes down periodically or it could even become irreparably damaged.

4. Power Conditioners

Sometimes you just need some of your components to stay below a temperature threshold to remain operational. Cabinet cooling systems can provide spot cooling to surge protectors and other essential electrical elements that require an optimum temperature to operate effectively. All that needs to be done is for the cooling fan to be placed over the enclosure that has the device inside. It is possible to reduce hot spots in your electrical systems by having the cabinet cooling fan continuously circulate air over the components.

5. Control Panels

Junction boxes and other Industrial control panels that are used to operate large machinery will dissipate some heat. To avoid these units failing, it is very important that a cabinet cooling fan is installed to help circulate outside air in the box to prevent overheating. If a single cabinet cooling fan is not up to the task, then banks of them can be installed allowing you to remain confident that your junction box or control panel will not fail when you need it most. The cost of replacement components can be quite high, to the cost of cooling fans is not, so they pay for themselves almost instantly.

If you are looking for a simple, economic and efficient thermal management solution for your application, the cabinet cooling fan is your best bet. To understand exactly what the right cooling fan solution is right for you, get in touch with our team of experts today.

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