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5 Different Advantages of Workplace Surveillance

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When you have a business, you want to protect it. Putting in surveillance at your workplace is not only smart but necessary for many reasons. You are able to track employee movements and activities as well as keeping your premises safe. While staff may not like it, they should understand its benefits to both you as an owner or boss and them as employees.

There are several methods to use including video surveillance, time clocks, and monitoring software on phones and computers. These different tools combine to make a safe, honest workplace and allow you to weed out bad employees.

You should make sure everyone is aware that you are installing this type of monitoring system in the office. For new employees, have documentation in the interview process so they can be fully aware of the environment they will be working in.

Do you want to install surveillance systems in the workplace? Here are the five advantages of workplace surveillance:

Advantage #1: Discourage Theft

Some people may think that video surveillance protects companies from outside theft. In fact, the main idea is to monitor staff activities so if there are any missing supplies, video footage can be watched to find out who is responsible for the theft. Surveillance is crucial to the work of a corporate private investigator, helping them collect essential evidence in the workplace.

Ultimately, employers don’t want their staff to steal. Having a monitoring system is there to keep employees in check and deter them from stealing. Knowing that they are “on camera” keeps people honest and not just for physical items.

Surveillance also keeps people accountable for the breaks they take. Time theft is a big problem and time loss adds up quickly in a business.

Advantage #2: Improves Productivity

Improved productivity is a great advantage of workplace surveillance. What keeps your business operational is profit. Maximizing that profit is your top priority and if your employees work hard all day, everyone wins.

Low productivity is an issue, especially in large operations where managers can’t be everywhere at the same time. When staff knows they are bring surveilled, they are more likely to work to their full potential. This helps to maximize efficiency.

Having the ability to monitor production over the day helps owners spot times when there is a need for less staff or time when they are understaffed. There may also be areas where workload needs to be redistributed. Besides catching employees that waste time they can also recognize hard-working people.

This helps in rewarding worthy employees through promotion or wage increases. When a manager can monitor the business through cameras it frees up time spent walking the floor and adds to their own production.

Advantage #3: Time Management

With the ability to monitor computer use, a business owner may notice ways to streamline their processes. They can also discover when staff is using the computer for personal use. With this knowledge, new policies can be implemented to further increase production and stop waste.

Software filters can be installed on computers to block access to social media and other time-wasting sites as they are recognized as a problem through surveillance. Not all employees are bad. It’s your job as a manager or owner to focus their attention on their job and limit the distractions.

Monitoring will also keep breaks to their allotted time. You can easily speak with staff that abuse breaks individually without bringing it up to the entire office.

Advantage #4: Makes A Safer Workplace

Workplace surveillance can do more than catch employees stealing or not doing their work. It can keep them safe. When there are video cameras around the office and at the entrances, staff know they are being better protected by the company. Anyone from outside can be screened before coming in and also watched as they are on the premises.

In the event that there is any harassment between employees, you will have documented evidence to present to both parties or even police and in the courts if necessary. You can also monitor harassment through inter-office communications and stop it in its tracks.

This surveillance even extends to the parking lot to help keep staff safe before and after work as well as deter vandalism, car break-ins, and would-be attackers. Your employees will appreciate that these benefits far outweigh the monitoring of their movements throughout the day.

Advantage #5: Reduced Insurance Costs

A side benefit of having workplace surveillance is getting a reduction in your insurance costs. Most insurance providers offer a discount on premiums when businesses have video surveillance systems in place on-site. The more claims you have to make, the higher your rates go up.

The high-quality indoor and outdoor monitoring setup will deter theft and damage while qualifying you for discounted insurance coverage.

Having a robust workplace surveillance system just makes sense. The advantages far outweigh any disadvantage you may have like employees not wanting to be watched. The right staff will understand the need for it and help them thrive in their position.

Make sure you protect your business and employees with a high-quality surveillance setup at your operation.

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