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5 Biggest Benefits of Awning Windows

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If you are considering some renovations or a makeover for your home, one of the things on your list may be to change the windows. These windows may not be as popular as other types of windows, such as a casement window or even a double hung window, however, there are some advantages to installing awning windows.

If repairs are needed, it is also not that difficult to do. An awning window opens outward using a top hinge, unlike a casement window that uses a side hinge. Let’s take a look at some nice benefits of awning windows.

1. Improved Ventilation & Light

One thing about awning windows is that they can be installed higher up in walls which you generally can’t do with the other types of windows. This aids in allowing more natural light to come in and help brighten the room. It also allows for more ventilation to take away that stuffiness. It does all this without compromising on your privacy. You can install them in other places such as above a patio door, giving lots of good light and plenty of fresh air.

2. Protection From The Weather

Awning windows when opened have an ‘awning effect’ which is why it is aptly named. The way they open can offer protection from the weather while still offering lots of ventilation. So, when it rains, there is very little or no leakage at all when it is open. The weather may be bad but you can still enjoy fresh air, be it in your home or in your office.

3. Secure & Private

Awning windows are generally smaller windows which means they are normally installed at a much higher position than you would do with other types of windows. This means that by installing them, your security and privacy aren’t really compromised at all, while providing good ventilation and lots of natural light. Awning windows are ideal for places like the bathroom or bedroom. Easy to use, they also make a perfect addition over a counter or a sink.

4. Versatile

When it comes to versatility, most of the other types of windows cannot compare to awning windows. Due to their very nature of being installed higher up, they offer greater flexibility when it comes to designing your decor. There are many types of awning windows which include aluminum-clad, fiberglass, wood and impact-resistant. You can use grilles or try out various patterns to add a unique twist to the light you allow in.

5. Easy Repairs

Since it features moving parts, occasionally, you may run into some problems. Whenever you have moving parts (in anything), this is bound to happen. However, the good thing about awning windows is that these issues can generally be easily resolved. Perhaps the most common problem is that of sticking. If this happens, all you need to do is use a mild detergent and clean around the frame and sash followed by a silicone-based spray in those areas.

Despite its lack of popularity when compared to the other types of windows, it still is used in homes to great effect. You can certainly use the advice of a designer to find a perfect place for awning windows to help accentuate the look of a room or even your home.

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