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5 Benefits of Using Recycled Materials in Product Packaging

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Consumers are rapidly becoming more and more environmentally conscious, with communities trying to work together in an attempt to keep the earth in good shape.

Offices, restaurants, schools, hotels, any and all sectors, really, are popular when they state mindfulness to being green. For this reason, companies that use recycled materials in any capacity are lauded. At this time, especially, it is a good move forward for companies if seeking a green appeal. Consumers like to support companies that they know are actively trying to make an environmental change. It not only makes the company look good, but it makes the consumer feel good as well.

It is certainly not a quick and easy change—using recycled materials in your product packaging takes some creativity. This is due to needing to preserve the reliability of your packaging in order to ensure the items inside don’t get ruined. You also need to think about the products themselves and how they will be affected by new packaging.

The extra thought, however, put toward a more eco-friendly approach to your product packaging will allow your company to reap the benefits in the long run.

If your company hasn’t yet joined the green team, read on for five reasons why you should consider using recycled materials in your product packaging.

1. Decrease Manufacturing Costs

Heading toward a more eco-friendly means of production with your product packaging will alleviate production costs for your company.

By using recycled materials, you will ultimately be using less material, which will lower overall manufacturing costs.

2. Increase Sustainability

You want your product packaging to be eco-friendly so it can be used again. In an effort to increase sustainability and reduce the amount of packaging being used, plastic and paper are great material sources to consider with regards to product packaging.

3. Help Reduce the Overall Environmental Impact of Your Packaging

Corporations have the unique opportunity to make a significant impact on the environment. Will you take the challenge?

Product packaging made from recycled materials may not look very different, but there is a significant difference in the environmental impact.

If you market your packaging as environmentally friendly, you want to make sure you deliver. Green advocates would spot the difference and you don’t want to lose clients by inaccurate advertising.

Switching to recyclable materials for your product packaging will result in less energy consumption because you won’t need to produce as much packaging. Additionally, the amount of garbage will decrease, as the packaging will be reusable.

4. Increase Efficiency for Moving and Shipment

Corrugated packaging is something you should consider. This is the method of making cardboard or any material more versatile and also stronger. It adds strength to the regular packaging with the addition of ridges or folds. This allows for a hardier cardboard package, while reducing the amount of cardboard used.

With plastic packaging, it is lightweight, yet durable. Clients of your company can rest assured that any item delivered will be received intact.

5. Reduce the Amount of Packaging You Use

Using recycled materials with packaging is not useful solely for the obvious environmental reasons, but it is environmentally friendly due to the amount of packing being used. The shape and size of the packaging also help in being green-positive.

As previously stated with corrugated packaging, this allows for boxes to be created where the space is used very effectively without waste. You can work with packaging suppliers to create various styles of packaging that ensures no waste of space. Being creative with packaging designs can significantly reduce the amount of material used, while still maintaining the sustainability and strength of the packaging.

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