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5 Assessment Guidelines Before Hiring a New Roofer

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If you are considering doing some work on your roof, you need to tread carefully so that you get a good roofer who will do the job right and follow regulations. There are also things you need to know, which means you have to ask the roofer some important questions and get all the right information. This way, you have some peace of mind as well, knowing that you are protected. How would you feel if you got scammed or ended up with workmanship that left a lot to be desired? Let’s take a look at some information you need to know before you get the ball rolling.

1. Test Their Customer Service

Make sure to check out their customer service and see how well they treat you, respond to questions and how quickly they get back to you if you leave a message or send them an email. Although their customer service may not actually be performing the roofing job, how they respond and treat you could speak volumes about what you can expect from them. They must also have a great track record with customers. You can check testimonials and even ask for references.

2. The Warranty

Ask the roofer if they guarantee their work and for how long. A warranty means that if your roof starts leaking or there is some other problem within the guaranteed period, they will have to come back and take care of it for you. As long as your warranty has not expired, they are obligated to do this.

If you can, you should try to find out if other clients had issues that were taken care of promptly. You also need to know how long the company has been in business. If they have been around for years under the same name, you can feel confident. If a roofer offers you a 25-year warranty but decides to run off to Cuba within 5 years, then the warranty is of no use. The majority of roofing companies disappear after a handful of years, so be careful. Go with a roofing company that has been around for a long time.

3. WSIB & Other Insurance

Ask the contractor for a valid Clearance Certificate. The roofing company must make a contribution to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) every month. This is to protect the homeowner in the event a worker gets hurt on the job. Accidents can happen. In fact, ask them if they provide insurance to protect your home as well as that of a neighbour.

4. Protecting Your Property

Having insurance to protect your home (or a neighbour’s) is one thing. However, when the work is being done, you want to protect your home and family because roofing is a big and messy job. There is a lot of waste that has to be taken away. Debris can fall all over. The roofing company must take proper measures like using tarps to make sure everyone is safe. Things like this can cause damage to your house, so ask them about this.

5. Cleaning Up

This is not something you want to do! Ask them about guarantees regarding the cleanup of the work site. This has to be done every day. Large debris must be cleared away. There will also be lots of metal pieces which can injure you, a child or even a pet. There is a special magnetic broom which can clear away the metal pieces.

Make sure to touch on these topics and ask questions. Before you pay them, you need to be happy with the state of everything and that they kept their word. Only then should you make the final payment.

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