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4 Ways to Stay Cool During a Job Interview

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Some people are lucky in that they stay calm in many situations, including job interviews. Everyone isn’t built the same way and many people get really nervous before and during a job interview. This is quite normal. When it’s over, they think of better answers and wish they had responded differently.

While being nervous is normal, it is not a good idea to show that you are. It may not be your fault but it can work against you. Employers like confidence. Staying calm in an interview shows that you are someone who can handle stressful moments in the same way. Here are some tips to remain calm in a job interview.

1. Plan, Prepare & Practice

Give yourself lots of time and don’t rush anything. This allows you to plan everything so that you will have whatever you need such as documents, resumes and anything else relevant. The more you plan, the less things you have to worry about because you would have covered all the major bits. Make sure you have all your clothes prepared and ready to go. No last-minute ironing! Hopefully, you know the way to get there, but leave early just in case of traffic delays.

In order to gain more confidence for interviews, you should rehearse and practice in order to hone your skills. You can do it alone, but it can help if you practice with someone else. You can anticipate certain common questions and speak out loud. If you have someone else to help you, at least you can get feedback. Practice in front of a mirror too. This way, you can see your facial expressions, body language and other little things that you may not be happy about and iron them out. The more you feel confident during your practice sessions, the calmer you will be in an actual interview because you ‘know your stuff’.

2. Research The Company

Be familiar with the company, what they do and what position you are applying for. Look at their mission statement. What kind of products or services do they offer? Who are their biggest competitors?

Learn more about the position you are applying for, such as what kinds of responsibilities this position requires. For instance, if you obtained the job interview opportunity through a finance recruitment agency, get in touch with the finance recruiter to learn more information. The more you research and know, the more confident you’ll be and you can blow them away at the interview!

3. Do Visualization Exercises

Visualization is a technique that many people use for many things, not just for job interviews. Play the job interview in your mind and see it going well. Picture everything in a positive light. See yourself impressing the interviewer and visualize yourself smiling, being calm and in complete control. Think and picture different scenarios in your mind’s eye. You can do this with your eyes closed if you wish. Keep visualizing good things and positive outcomes and you will feel a little more relaxed at the interview.

4. Focus On Your Breath

Practice some breathing techniques and use it if you feel nervous. As you wait to be interviewed, your nervousness may cause shallow breathing and your heart may be racing. Take slow deep breaths and focus on it. Take a slow deep breath for a count of 3 or 4, hold for a count of 3 or 4 and release for another count of 3 or 4, or whatever makes you feel comfortable. This will calm you and slow down your heart rate.

Whatever you do, don’t put added pressure on yourself and don’t beat yourself over the job. Yes, you want to get it, but if you don’t, there are others. You can put all this great work to good use again and you will eventually land yourself that job.

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