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4 Ways to Determine a Retirement Home’s Quality

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Your loved one has become ill and elderly and while you would love nothing more than to take him/her in and provide full-time care, responsibilities such as family, employment, or education prevent you from doing so. As a result, you start looking into a retirement home for your loved one where they can enjoy social and recreational opportunities while receiving the degree of care that they need.

This is the main objective of most if not all retirement homes, but they are not all universal in regards to what they offer and their standards of care. There are many factors you need to consider before choosing a retirement home for your loved one and being mindful of the following will ensure you choose the one that best meets his/her needs.

1. Staff

Staff members at the nursing home such as consulting doctors, nurses, and support workers will be responsible for making sure that your loved one is cared for properly. Therefore, it is recommended that you get a good idea of their policies, schedules, and attitudes prior to making your decision to admit your loved one there.

Before settling on a retirement, meet the team that will be caring for your loved one. Their overall attitude usually foreshadows how they look after the residents. Therefore, if any staff members come across as rude or indifferent, you may want to consider another retirement home. Confirm with them that they can help with specific things that your loved one may need. The goal in admitting your loved one is so he/she gets the help they need. If the home cannot provide this, move on.

2. Cleanliness

After years of looking after a home and raising a family, your loved one deserves to stay in a nice, well-kept place during his/her old age. As a result, an essential part of your decision regarding a suitable retirement home should be the cleanliness of the location.

Places that are not cleaned regularly harbour germs, bacteria, and mold that can cause serious illness and death especially for the elderly. When touring the facility, pay close attention to areas such as the common area, hallways, and dining areas. Try to get a good idea of the condition of living quarters and how often they are cleaned, including bathrooms. If areas look unclean and are not cleaned regularly, consider other retirement home options that maintain a higher level of hygiene.

3. Food

As people get older, proper nutrition and the consumption of regular meals becomes even more important. When residing at a retirement you want to make sure your loved one is well-fed and enjoying foods that they like.

Before settling on a retirement home, review some sample menus of meals typically given to residents. Confirm that they are meals that your loved one will eat. If they have allergies or have requirements such as gluten-free or vegetarian meals, confirm that these are options for them. Also make sure that there are healthy snacks available throughout the day in case your loved one becomes hungry between meals.

4. Social scene

The goal of removing your loved one from their home and placing them into a retirement home is to improve their quality of life and ensuring they are not lonely and bored. Therefore, you need to establish that there are plenty of activities at the retirement home so your loved one can be social and active.

Before making your decision, speak to staff to get an idea what activities are available for residents to participate in and confirm that there are ones available that your loved one would want to participate in. These can include movie nights, dance and exercise classes, board and card games, and special guests who provide entertainment. Activities such as these will keep your loved one busy and give him/her the opportunity to make new friends in his/her new environment.

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