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4 Vacation Planning Tips for Your Travel Checklist

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Taking care of the small details has a significant impact on your ability to enjoy a vacation. When you feel lost, confused and uncertain, your vacation is going to suffer. Use these four tips to help make your next vacation better than the last!

1. Book Your Flight In Advance

Timing the purchase of your tickets can save you a lot of money. Sometimes airlines update their website with canceled reservations and other discounted fares after midnight. Looking around for tickets late at night can end up saving you money. Make sure you look at individual airline sites in addition to aggregator sites and major booking sites to get a wide array of price options.

If you’re able to buy your tickets months in advance, you can save a lot of money. Certain sites let you pick a range of months and select the cheapest round-trip airfare within that timeframe. Sites like Travelocity and Orbitz have excellent search functions that make it easy to find the lowest rates.

2. Take Advantage Of A Travel Agent

Part of an excellent vacation is ensuring you have a great experience. Working with a travel agent will help you get the most out of your destination. Travel agents have an extensive network of colleagues and suppliers which can often result in additional perks for you. Travel agents have relationships with hotel managers, tour operators and other key personnel that can help make your vacation even better.

When looking for a travel agent, make sure they specialize in your destination. Travel agents that specialize in your destination are well equipped to plan a memorable experience for you and your family. Taking advantage of travel agent services also gives you a fall back plan in case your flight is canceled, or something else out of your control happens.

3. Find Places You Want To Eat At Ahead Of Time

Learning about your destination through food is often the best way to experience a place. Do yourself a favor and mark some places you want to try ahead of time. Finding coffee shops, restatements and food trucks ahead of time ensures you get a good feel for the cuisine.

You can use Facebook, Instagram or travel blogs to help you find highly recommended places to eat at your destination. You can plan your vacation around these places and ensure you’re not missing any spots. Be on the lookout for any pubs, street food carts, farmers markets or cafes that pique your interest.

4. Get Your Phone Working In A New Country

The best way to travel with a smartphone is to get your phone unlocked. With an unlocked phone, you can insert a SIM card in any country and take advantage of their local rates. The one-time fee for unlocking your cell phone is much more inexpensive than paying the roaming charges for using your phone in a different country.

It’s also a good idea to ensure you get an adaptor for your electronics so you can charge your devices. If you’re traveling to Europe, the outlet sizes and voltages may be different. Pick up an international travel plug adaptor to ensure you can keep your phone and laptop charged. Traveling with an external battery is also a good idea.

All in all, taking the time to plan ahead makes things a lot easier. Vacations are also better when you don’t have to worry about any of the small details. Using a travel agent means you always have someone to call for help in case something goes wrong. Keep these four tips in mind when planning your next trip!

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