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4 Safety Facts About Steel Buildings

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Steel and metal buildings are quickly becoming a preferred choice among builders for commercial construction. This is due to the fact they are durable, affordable, and safe. Steel buildings provide protection from natural disasters, intruders, the weather, and pest infestations.

Pre-engineered metal buildings can be designed to suit your preferences and needs, while being flexible in the design. Let’s learn about why metal buildings are safer than you think, and a good choice for your construction project.

1. Durability

Steel panels and roofing create a building designed to tolerate daily wear and tear, which can be devastating to more traditional building materials. Routine costs for exterior painting, siding repair, and re-roofing on traditional buildings can cost thousands of dollars every year. Metal buildings come with warranties, which means the low-maintenance building will keep its looks and will remain weather resistant for years to come.

Other practical characteristics of steel include:

  • Steel requires less maintenance, which saves you money and time.
  • Over 80M tons of steel are recycled every year, making it the most recycled material in the world.
  • Steel has the highest strength-to-weight-ratio out of all construction materials.

2. Protection from the Elements

Metal buildings are so durable that many top industry professionals use them to hold their most valuable assets like aircraft. But more than just providing protection from occasional ice or wind storms, tornados or hurricanes, steel buildings also protect your contents from mould, rot, mildew, and pest infestations. Other strengths offered by steel buildings include:

  • Steel protects people and contents within the building from the effects of a lightning strike;
  • Steel can absorb more energy than other materials but doesn’t attract lightning any more than traditional buildings;
  • Damage to a steel building from earthquakes is minimal because steel structures are classed as remaining standing in Seismic Zone 4; and
  • Steel can bend without breaking, and can withstand forces up to 241km/h without suffering damage.

3. Protection from Intruders

If your building will be in an unsafe area, you can rest assured knowing what’s inside will be protected from vandals and break-ins. Metal buildings can be put together to meet exacting security and design specs to offer the maximum possible protection from thieves, vandals, and other unwanted intruders.

4. Safety Standards

Metal buildings can be the safest choice for municipal and commercial applications. Clients can work with designers and engineers to design a building that best suits their needs, and can be assembled according to strict safety standards. Once metal buildings have been erected, they become practically indestructible.

In the late 19th century, steel became the preferred material for commercial buildings when builders realized that steel was a lot safer and more durable than cast iron. Now it’s used in North America and all over the world. This means that many years of testing has made sure that metal buildings are designed and built to meet strict building and safety standards. Engineers and architects can now also use 3D modelling to look for any potential issues and correct design flaws before any work begins on the building site.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are fabricated in controlled environments where all of the fabrication processes have been considered for maximum effectiveness. You get a building kit that has been designed and engineered to be put together smoothly and quickly, reducing the potential for accidents. You can even have the materials delivered as you need them so you don’t have to store too much on-site.

Steel is safest in case of fire because whereas wood allows fire to spread, steel contains it. This provides more time for the people inside to escape to safety. Steel can be recycled endlessly without sacrificing strength and integrity.

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