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4 Marketing Opportunities From A Business Mascot

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You are proud of your business and its accomplishments however feel that it is getting stale. Your competition is transforming around you and adopting new practices, resulting in you looking old and dated.

Luckily there are many different ways you can take action to stay relevant and one of them is adopting a mascot. Below are reasons to consider adopting a mascot and ways it will help your business.

1. Attract attention

You may be able to assist the public with products and services you sell. However, if they do not know about your existence, they will not be able to learn about you and what you have to offer. Therefore, you need to make it one of your main objectives to garner as much attention as you can.

A well-designed mascot costume will attract attention to your business and in doing so, make it more likely that customers will turn to you to fulfill their needs. It is a proven fact that the presence of mascots makes businesses more memorable as the public tends to make connections between them and the products and/or services the business sells. Therefore, when people see your mascot, they will remember you in their time of need and chances are they will give you their business.

2. Likeability

If people do not like or have no reason to like you, they will not see you as someone who they can turn to for products or services that they need. Therefore, you need to appear fun and likeable. Doing so will make you a viable option and will increase your profits in the process.

No matter if people are young or old, people prefer mascots such as the Energizer Bunny or Tony the Tiger because they are fun and a nice break from reality. You could go with a spokesperson to promote your company, but they do not generate the interest that mascots do. Also, scandals such as what has occured with the spokespeople from companies such as Subway and Nike can potentially damage your company’s reputation beyond repair. Because mascots are fictional characters, they are safe and can only benefit your business.

3. Media friendly

In this current age of technology, your business needs to be visible on television, social media, and billboards and in newspapers and magazines. It also needs to be adioble on the radio. That way, you are getting as much exposure as possible.

Mascots are beneficial because they can be portrayed in the media and can effectively pass along any messages you may have. Television ads can be purchased that feature your mascot and will definitely attract the attention of adults and children alike. Pictures of your mascot can be strategically placed in newspapers, magazines, and social media feeds and can be accommodated by any information you want the public to have, such as new hours, locations, or products and any sales that may be occurring.

4. Brand awareness

The ultimate objective of most businesses is making their product or service instantly recognizable to the public. An effective and foolproof way of doing this is through the adoption of a mascot.

Companies such as Geico and Michelin have been able to build their brand through their mascots that are easily identifiable. It is difficult if not impossible to think of the company without the mascot they have and this is not achievable through the sole use of a spokesperson or logo. When the public sees your mascot, they are more likely to be reminded of your product or service and how they should purchase it to fulfill a specific and immediate need.

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