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4 Legal Procedures After You Slipped And Fell

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It can happen at any moment throughout the day. You find you’re no longer able to retain your balance, and so you slip and fall on the ground. Thousands of incidents like this occur each year across the country.

And it’s important that you understand how to react effectively in case you find yourself the victim of a slip and fall case in the future. In this latest post, our legal team will walk you through the process of responding to a slip and fall incident, with the hope of helping you to achieve the ideal result in terms of treatment and compensation.

1. Contact an Ambulance

If your slip and fall injuries are severe, it’s important that you contact an ambulance or have someone nearby contact an ambulance for you. In many cases, slips and falls occur while we’re alone without others nearby. In such cases, try to reach for your cell phone and make sure you contact the ambulance directly. If you’re not able to do so, you might find you’re able to speed dial others from your home. They can then call the ambulance for you, improving the speed of the response.

2. Speak with the Authorities

In cases where your injury is not severe enough to need medical attention, you may still contact the police to bring their attention to the incident. In many cases, there are criminal elements to a slip and fall in which negligence can be established. Police teams will be happy to report your claim and advise you on any legal steps you might take to protect your rights moving forward. Police will also be able contact the insurance companies of the relevant parties to ensure that they have the claim information on file for a future case.

It’s important to note that you should seek medical attention even if you’re only in a small amount of pain from the incident. The pain could become worse over time, and getting medical help at the earliest opportunity can improve your prognosis.

3. Get Contact Information from Witnesses

In the days after your slip and fall, you can now begin to document your case directly. Make sure you have the names and contact information for witnesses to your fall.  And you can further add to your documentation by taking pictures of the local area in which you fell and highlighting the elements involved in the fall via a photocopy of the picture. At this stage, you should try to find out if there is surveillance footage of the incident. If the event occurred at work, or at a place of business, you may find a security camera was pointing in your direction.

4. Work with a Qualified Slip and Fall Lawyer

Now that you have begun building your case, you’ve created the ideal foundation from which your slip and fall lawyer can take over and begin handling the legal elements. Make sure the specialist has the experience to prove your claims in court, and try to speak with a number of their past clients to determine their legal skill and the results they’ve achieved in the past.

Provide the accident lawyer with all the information you’ve collected to this point. And ensure that you respond to each of their requests for information openly and honestly, as this will give you the best chances for succeeding if your case goes to trial.

Working with qualified slip and fall lawyers can help you achieve justice in your injury case. Call local experts in your region now to begin this process.

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