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4 Fall Protection Tips for Industrial Workers

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There are many industries where falls can occur. In some industries, these can be even more dangerous. One example would be the dangers faced by a window cleaner. Sometimes, an apartment building may need renovations on the outside.

You may have seen 2 workers hoisting themselves up with all kinds of cables and pulleys attached, as they drill and hammer away at balconies. This is another example of dangers these workers face. Sometimes, anything can happen, so here are some tips on fall protection and prevention.

1. Planning Ahead

Employees need to have proper fall protection in some of these dangerous industries. It all has to begin with planning ahead, in addition to other training everyone needs to go through. There must be a compliant method of protection as well as having good and proper equipment. All this requires planning ahead, because last-minute planning while out in the field may mean the right equipment may not be available.

With that being the case, workers may make do with what is available due to work pressure and this is not an ideal situation. Proper anchor points and fall clearances are not things an untrained worker will know much about, so planning is critical.

2. Awareness Of What’s New

Because things are changing with new regulations and new equipment improving the previous version, everyone has to be aware of what’s new and be up to speed with the latest information. Regulatory requirements may change and it is important to be aware of it. Industries where working at heights is mandatory must be familiar with the latest rules and regulations.

3. Rescue Plan

Even if you have done something a thousand times, always have a rescue plan in place. Many people think that a personal fall arrest system is to do with the anchor point, the lanyard and the harness. However, there is one more vital piece to this equation: the rescue plan. What if someone suffered a mishap and was left hanging from a roof or platform? Can you imagine the delay and problems that will cause if no rescue plan is in place? That person will need to be rescued as quickly as possible.

If someone falls and is saved by their personal fall arrest anchor, every second is critical. Within a few minutes, a person can go through suspension trauma. Even though their equipment saved them, they are still in peril. With no plan, people could be frantic in their attempts to save someone and not do things accordingly, thereby risking their own lives. This situation could end up being fatal.

4. Training

The ongoing training and provision of the latest information is imperative, no matter how comfortable and well-versed some workers may think they are. Some workers may be more comfortable while others may not, especially those who are newer and relatively inexperienced. Many companies are also guilty of giving workers equipment and telling them to get to work. This is not the way. Lives are at stake. Why risk lawsuits? Don’t leave anything to chance, just because you think mishaps are rare. If workers come to complain about something, you need to listen. Perhaps they are bringing up a valid point that could save lives.

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