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4 Cool Features of Steel Garages

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Do you want a place outside of the house where you can get down to work on your latest project? Or maybe you need some extra storage at home? In either case, a steel garage could be the perfect option for you.

Steel garages come in a wide range of sizes and designs. They provide an alternative to wooden or brick buildings, and are very affordable. In addition, they are produced by garage manufacturers as kits, making them easy to install.

1. Small scale or something larger

Even if you don’t have much space outside your front door, you can find a steel garage to suit you. Manufacturers sell kits as small as 12 feet by 18 feet, meaning you can squeeze one into the tightest of spaces.

At the other end of the spectrum, vehicle collectors or someone requiring a large workshop and storage space can take advantage of more substantial constructions, including garages with high ceilings. This will allow you to keep your cars safe and dry, or take on your next big project without worrying about having to struggle in cramped surroundings.

2. Quick assembly

One of the biggest benefits associated with steel garages is that you can assemble them quickly. This is a huge plus whether you’re intending to hire someone to get the job done for you, or planning to put up the garage yourself. In the first case, you will save money on paying the construction workers, while in the second you can start using your garage quicker than you thought.

The kits usually include trusses built to ensure that the assembly process is made as easy as possible for you. After the frame is up, sheeting for the roof and walls can be attached to it, before doors and windows give your building the finishing touch.

Garage kits help you avoid the extra costs of hiring heavy equipment to do building work. Companies may also include step-by-step guides with their kits to assist with the installation of your garage.

So even if your construction experience is limited, or you don’t have access to a wide array of specialized tools, you can carry out the assembly procedure from start to finish.

3. Customize your garage

If you have specific requirements that are not covered by standard models, you have the option of ordering a custom-made steel garage. These garages are ideal if you want to decide how to incorporate space for your vehicles and workshop tools into one building, include a car lift, or plan out where your power lines will run.

Take a look around at the various companies who sell steel garages. Many of them are accessible online and provide you with pictures and information on their websites about the garages they construct. The products they offer will be different, and some will be more flexible in tailoring their designs to meet your particular needs.

However, if customization is the route you decide to take, be aware that you will have to spend more on your kit than if you choose to select a standard package.

4. Long-lasting buildings

Your tools, vehicles, toys or recreational equipment are valuable possessions and often very expensive. So you want to know that they are being kept somewhere safe and secure. Steel garages offer this because they are built to last.

Companies will often offer warranties with their garage kits. This gives you protection and means your maintenance costs will be kept down. You won’t have to worry about the roof leaking or finding a replacement door after a year or two of use. Instead, you can focus on enjoying the benefits of your garage well into the future.

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