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4 Benefits of Leasing Your Office Photocopier

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Whether your current one broke, you need more features, or need one to keep up with your increased volume, you decide that you need a new photocopier for your office. You begin looking at prices at different stores and are astounded at how excessive some can be especially for the one that you want and need.

While there certainly are advantages to purchasing an office photocopier, another option is available when one is needed and a company is unwilling or unable to pay the asking price: leasing. Below are reasons why leasing a photocopier should be considered and ways it can benefit your business.

1. Cost effective

Like any other business you want to maximize profits and keep costs at a minimum. This is precisely why leasing a photocopier for your office should be considered. Usually when you require new office equipment you need to budget for it and finally make a purchase when you can afford it.

When you end up buying an office photocopier, it can be very expensive and funds that could have been put towards other needs is used. When you lease a photocopier you sign an agreement with a company and the equipment arrives usually within the week. Monthly payments are then made allowing you to efficiently budget and to avoid excessive amounts up-front.

2. Up-to-date

Technology is changing all the time and it is almost impossible to stay completely up-to-date with it. This is also true regarding your office equipment which can and will be outdated shortly after purchasing it. Like most people you want your equipment to be the latest and greatest model and in order for this to occur you would have to spend lots of money.

When leasing your photocopier you are guaranteed the latest, most up-to-date model because you are able to upgrade it every few years. This means that you can take advantage of sleek designs and the latest features without sacrificing a lot of capital.

3. Maintenance

Technology is great and it definitely makes life easier. However, it does break down on occasion and this can be frustrating, slow work processes down, and cost money. Instead of paying a professional to repair your photocopier that you have purchased every time it breaks down or gets jammed, the company that you lease from is responsible for any maintenance or repairs that are needed.

These companies usually offer a guarantee of when they can attend to repair your machine and this is usually within the current business day, ensuring that your photocopier is back up and running in no time at all with little disruption to your operations.

4. Suited to your needs

Obviously you want to get a photocopier that will meet all of your needs but your budget may restrict you from doing so. Instead of settling for a model that is not quick enough or does not have a feature that you require, consider leasing a photocopier because by doing so you have the ability to choose the one you need. Even if you choose a photocopier thinking it is the best one for you and it ends up not being as you expected, you can usually make an exchange under a lease agreement and you will receive a model better-suited to your business needs.

When you purchase a photocopier and you wish to upgrade or it breaks down, you are often tasked with disposing of it which can be difficult and expensive when you are eventually able to find a company to do it. Leasing a photocopier means that it can easily be upgraded or exchanged and the company takes care of transportation and disposal when needed.

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