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4 Benefits of Going Paperless in the Workplace

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Despite so many advances in technology, it is quite surprising that millions of companies all over the world still have not embraced a lot of technological advances that can improve their working lives. They still stick to old-fashioned methods, perhaps because it is still getting the job done (though it can be a lot more efficient) or maybe they just aren’t aware of things they can implement that will improve many aspects of their business.

Sometimes, you go with what you know and you don’t want to rock your boat. Take paperless forms for instance. Many businesses don’t take advantage of this, yet, it can make the lives of users and the business so much better and improve many operations. Let’s take a closer look at paperless forms and how it can improve working lives.

1. Improve Slow Processes/Save Time

Anyone knows that whether at work or at home, saving time is so important. With more time, there is less of a need to rush and it won’t seem as hectic or as stressful. Paperless forms can improve the speed of processes, giving more time and improving the business as a result. After all, time is money. This means that you can do more in less time. How valuable is that? Imagine this for just the one day. Now look at it at the end of the year! What a significant difference!

2. Keep Forms Simple

One secret to get the most out of paperless forms is to keep the information basic and simple. Only the most important or relevant information is needed. Remember, you can customize as you go along. If things change, or if you feel more (or less) information is needed, you can modify digital forms to suit the needs of your business, making it easier for users. It is also faster and simpler than using pen and paper which will surely go the same way as the dinosaur (eventually). Humankind from the future will be saying that people used pens and paper forms 65 million years ago!

3. Increase Accuracy

Using mobile forms will also increase accuracy of data being entered and submitted. Mistakes can be avoided and information won’t go missing, which can be annoying and time-wasting. A lot of information- capturing and submission is done in real time and things can be taken care of immediately if there’s an issue. Again, this saves time. There is no need to return to the office or travel to see someone. There are many mobile forms for various processes which are simple to learn, because some of these have video tutorials. This will help to increase and maintain accuracy and make operations run smoothly and quickly.

4. No Need To Hunt Documents

With paperless forms, everything is organized and right there in a few seconds even if you had to search something. Paper documents can get destroyed, misplaced and even stolen. Some may have even been filled incorrectly. If you needed a specific document and it no longer existed (but it should), imagine searching for it for hours until you turned blue. This is incredibly stressful and annoying and very unproductive. Compare that to a click of a button and the document appears right before you!

Apart from the obvious reasons why going paperless is a much better and efficient way of doing business and making life better for everyone, it is also environmentally friendly. There is no need to deplete natural resources like trees, so apart from the business side of things, there are other great benefits as well.

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