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3 Quick Facts About Sheet Metal Fabrication

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There is a variety of objects that can be made from sheet metal fabrication. The good thing about sheet metal is that it can be bent and shaped into many shapes depending on the user. In layman’s term, sheet metal can be referred to as thin and flat pieces of metal. While thickness may vary, the thinnest metal sheets are referred to as leaf or foil.

On the other hand, the thicker metal sheets ranging above 6mm to 10mm thick are referred to as a plate. Metal sheets are formed through a process called sheet metal fabrication.

1. Advantages of using sheet metal

There are plenty of benefits associated with using metal sheet products above others, and they include durability, scalability, custom finishes and rapid turnaround. What many people don’t know is that metal sheet products are suitable for prototypes and end-use product.

Concerning scalability, metal sheet products can be produced depending on your demand. Whether you are interested in a few or many, they can be economically produced just for you. Regarding custom finishes, it’s possible to incorporate a variety of finishes such as powder coating, plating, anodizing and painting when it comes to metal sheet products.

2. Typical uses for metal sheet products

Metal sheet products can be utilized in many places such as enclosures, chassis, and brackets. They are the most cost effective material when it comes to products such as boxes and panels. Whether they are L or U-shaped, metal sheet is the most suitable material. Metal sheets are also the most suitable products when it comes to house electromechanical devices.

Since time immemorial, these products have being used for large industrial testing and small devices across the globe. Finally, metal sheet product is the best when it comes to fasteners and different hardware. Metal sheets are perhaps best utilized in the automobile industry to make vehicle bodies. They are also used to make plane fuselages, and more commonly, they are used for roofing.

3. Metals Used

Metal sheets are produced from a variety of metals ranging from aluminum to steel. Other metals that can be used include stainless steel, brass, copper and bronze. Silver, gold, platinum, nickel and tin can also be used to make metal sheet. The use depends on the user and purpose.

The earliest usage of metal sheets dates back to its use in making plate armor and swords. Back then, these products would be made through the hammering process. However, technology has changed this, and there are many processes that can be used in sheet metal fabrication.

The most common ones are bending, curling, punching, rolling and spinning. Other processes include wheeling, percolating, hydroforming, decambering, and ironing. These processes can only be done in the industry and cannot be handmade, unlike in the past.

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