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3 Proper Ways to Take Care of Your Motorcycle Helmet

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Even though it is not the law in some parts of the world, wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle is absolutely crucial. It could mean the difference between life and death in a serious accident.

While owning and wearing a motorcycle helmet regularly is an important step in being safe, it is not enough to just put it on and be on your way. Motorcycle helmets need proper maintenance and doing so will not only make it look slick and elegant, it could very well save your life. Below are some tips on taking care of your motorcycle helmet.

1. Handle with care

Your motorcycle is strong and robust. It needs to be in order to protect your head in the event of a serious collision. While it is made with such strong materials as polycarbonate plastic, fiberglass, and Kevlar, it is not indestructible.

Treat your motorcycle helmet with care at all times. When carrying it, do not drop it and never hang it from anywhere there it could fall, such as on your motorcycle mirrors. A drop from even waste-level can cause significant damage and sometimes it cannot be visible with the naked eye. This means that your helmet could be damaged without you even knowing it, resulting in you wearing it on your motorcycle and not being as protected as you need to be.

2. No strong cleaning agents

Some motorcyclists think it is acceptable to use any type of cleaner to treat their helmet as long as it leaves it looking clean and fantastic. For stubborn scuffs and stains, some will use the strongest cleaning agent they can find and neglect to think about what they could be doing to the overall structure of the helmet.

The truth is, strong cleaners can break down the helmet’s protective coating and eat through the liner that keeps it secure to your head. Once again this could lead to you wearing the helmet and not even knowing that there is enough damage to render the helmet useless in an accident.

Instead of using harsh cleaners such as furniture polish, use a mild soap and some warm water to scrub away and scuffs, dirt, or stains on your motorcycle helmet. This mild soap is effective for cleaning the outside of the helmet as well as the inside. If you have dead bugs on your helmet, resist the temptation to scrub them off as this can cause damage to the helmet as well. To loosen up the bugs, cover the helmet with a wet towel and leave for a few minutes. Then you will be able to wash them away easily.

3. Clean the visor

The visor on your motorcycle helmet can get covered in bugs and dirt and start to fog easily from humidity. Therefore, it needs to be cleaned regularly, preferably before you attempt to use the bike. While cleaning the visor is obviously an important step, it is often neglected by motorcyclists. This can cause a decrease in visibility that can result in serious accidents.

Similar to treating the rest of the helmet, use some mild soap and water to clean your visor. After washing it thoroughly, use a microfiber cloth to dry it. Using this will ensure that you do not scratch the visor.

After cleaning your visor, check carefully for scratches that could impede your vision. If a minor scratch is found, it can be repaired with a visor repair kit that you can purchase. If you have a larger scratch or lots of them varying in size, consider replacing the visor on your motorcycle helmet.

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