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14 Carpet Alternatives with Pros and Cons

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Carpet’s boring and obviously not ideal for spills. When choosing flooring for a bedroom, commercial space, or elsewhere, carpet’s far from the only choice. There are several carpet alternatives and flooring options to weigh the pros and cons to.

1. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is one of the fastest growing hardwoods used for flooring. It’s eco-friendly, easy on the budget, and is as stylish as any wood flooring option there is. A darker eucalyptus can create a contrast against brighter furnishings, adding a sense of luxe and elegance perfect for a calm bedroom.

2. Concrete

Smooth, stain-resistant, dust-resistant, and non-toxic, in some rooms, concrete flooring’s just right. For pets and people with allergies, it can also be a perfect flooring option creating a sense of unification across all floors. If a space is giving off a more rustic or industrial look, concrete can contribute to that.

3. Koa hardwood

Koa wood flooring is cut from one of North America’s oldest tree species. It’s fine and yes, quite expensive. Koa wood is heavy and perfect for high-traffic areas. For those who can afford it, this hardwood flooring option can add a sense of resort-style luxe to rooms anywhere in the home.

4. Cowhide rug

A cowhide rug is used in the place of carpet in some flooring configurations, across a wood underlay. Cowhide rugs are soft, common among southwestern-style rooms, and these days, they’re customized in so many unique ways. For more integrated flooring configurations, a cowhide rug and wood is a strong choice.

5. Two-toned wood flooring

If you’ve decided on wood flooring for your space, a two-toned grid can add dimension and style. Especially if you’re working with a minimalist-inspired room, grid flooring in wood can be a highlight.

6. Tile

Tile flooring is a nice cooling flooring option, perfect for bedrooms prone to heat or excessive warmth. Tiles are easy to install and cleaning is very low-maintenance. Most tile types also accommodate re-painting in case you decide to change the look. Neutral-toned, minimalism-inspired tiles are the most common style.

7. Masonite tile

Masonite tile flooring looks similar to old leather, ideal for a busy area. Stained Masonite tile communicates intimacy, modernity, and a Craftsman-style room. For a lot of spaces, it may be considered too stylistic for it. For those who know how to use it though, this is one hard-to-pass-up-on carpet alternative.

8. Wool silk rug

If you’ve installed a wood floor, a wool silk rug is a contemporary comfort you’ll fall in love with. Silk’s radiant to the touch and wool gives it some durability against stains. This is another of several possible rugs which can be draped strategically across a wood floor.

9. Clay tile

Clay tile is Mediterranean-inspired and can bring together several different design styles. Compare to regular tile, clay tiles are a little warmer on the feet, are just as durable, and are a little softer on the bare feet. After your clay tile’s been sealed, it’s also bacteria-resistant, allergen-resistant, and water-resistant.

10. Shag rug

A shag rug is not preferable for all home aesthetics but it might be appropriate for some. Shag rugs are extremely complimentary to many floor types, adding a soft, plush texture to any bedroom. Shag rugs are notoriously thick, helping to insulate the floor. This’ll keep the room temperature-perfect.

11. Travertine tile

Travertine tile is absolutely beautiful, with a strong aesthetic appeal and durability that makes it an unexpected front-runner for some. Travertine has a rustic elegance that’s hard to duplicate with similar natural materials.

12. Luxury vinyl tile

Vinyl tile are modern, natural, affordable, and provide a quality finish to any room. Vinyl tiles can be manufactured to resemble wood, stone, or ceramic in appearance and texture. That said, when it comes to something like wood, we always say the real thing is always better. Vinyl is regularly selected for residential bedrooms and commercial spaces for its adaptability to almost all aesthetics.

13. Cork

Cork is a new flooring type that’s incredibly durable and comfortable. Although you may think of bottles of wine or a corkboard when someone brings up cork, as a flooring type, it’s a suitable carpet alternative. Harvested from the bark of a cork oak tree, it’s a highly renewable flooring material as these trees’ barks regenerate every three years and the trees are never cut down for harvest. Similar to a wood flooring, cork can be finished in a variety of different ways, is resistant to microbes, and can last up to thirty years.

14. Classic hardwood

Classic hardwood flooring is a favourite among many flooring enthusiasts. It’s all-natural, inviting, and environmentally-friendly especially when its reclaimed wood being used. Hardwood flooring tells an honest story, whether it’s from older wood or wood cut down recently. Regardless, wood flooring is one carpet alternative that’s clean, healthy, eco-friendly, and will always look great. For homeowners looking to sell or commercial property managers wanting to maximize the appeal of an existing space, wood flooring is a recommended choice.

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