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13 Best Countries to Start a Business with High Returns

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Countries boasting strong business climates, low taxes, and which are most hospitable for investment are those which have attracted the most attention on this list. As we look ahead into another year of business development, there are some regions most conducive to high returns.

Here are the thirteen best countries to start a business with high returns:

1. Canada

Canada’s a great country to start a business in because of the abundance of financing options, seed capital, access to a variety of government grants and tax credits, a growing skilled workforce, low cost of living in some regions, and an advantageous exchange rate. Canada’s GDP growth is 3.0 percent, GDP overall is $1.65 trillion, GDP per capita is $45,000, unemployment’s at 6.3 percent, public debt is at 90 percent at GDP, and inflation is 1.6 percent.

2. New Zealand

As one of the easiest countries to do foreign business in, New Zealand is ranked by the World Bank and the IFC as the top country in the world to start a business in. New Zealand’s GDP growth is 3.0 percent, unemployment is 4.7 percent, total GDP is $201 billion, and GDP per capita is $42,900.

3. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is well known for its corporate business environment, conducive to high tech investment and office setups by brands from across the world. Hong Kong’s GDP growth is 3.8 percent, the population is at over 7 million, unemployment is 3.1 percent, and inflation’s at 1.5 percent.

4. Denmark

Denmark currently maintains an excellent business environment with high economic growth, low unemployment, investment opportunities for investors in all industries, and low interest rates resulting in increased consumer activity. Denmark boasts GDP growth at 2.3 percent, public debt is at 35 percent of GDP, trade balance is at 7.6 percent of GDP, and the country maintains GDP per capita of $56,300.

5. UK

Despite all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the financial consequences of this, the UK continues to be perceived as a great country to start a business in. Boasting a population of over 65 million people, the UK’s unemployment is low at 4.4 percent, inflation is 2.7 percent, and GDP growth is 1.7 percent.

6. Singapore

Among the reasons to start a business in Singapore are strong connectivity, a strategic location, and a business ecosystem that is very friendly to start-ups and foreign businesses. Singapore has unemployment at a low 2.2 percent, inflation is at 0.6 percent, public debt is at 111% of GDP, and total GDP growth is at 3.6 percent.

7. Netherlands

Starting a business in the Netherlands is a smart move for many reasons, including a taxation system which favors foreign business investment. The Netherlands’ GDP growth is at 2.9 percent, public debt is at 57 percent of GDP, unemployment is 4.9 percent, and inflation is 1.3 percent. Setting up shop in the Netherlands, you’ll see a lot of other brands, corporations, and expanding foreign small businesses doing the same.

8. Ireland

Ireland’s low corporation tax rates and strong support for foreign business investment makes it a region extremely supporting of entrepreneurs, start-ups, and others looking to start a business venture. In fact, it’s one of the easiest places in the EU to start a business. Ireland’s GDP growth rate is 7.2 percent, the population is 5 million, unemployment is 6.7 percent, and inflation is 0.3 percent.

9. Australia

Australia has a fast growing reputation for being a great place to start a business and although it’s not the largest market, with a population of 23 million, it’s another key territory an expanding international business can conquer. In Australia, the GDP growth rate is 2.2 percent, their trade balance is at -2.6 percent of GDP, public debt is 41 percent of GDP, unemployment is at 5.6 percent, and inflation is 2.0 percent.

10. Sweden

Sweden’s a great place to start a business and register a company. Sweden’s GDP growth is 2.1 percent, unemployment is at 6.7 percent, inflation is 1.9 percent, and the country has a small population of just over 10 million.

11. Switzerland

Switzerland has a strong economy and currency, in addition to having a strong liberal labor market, a welcoming tax system, being an important financial centre, and maintaining the head office location of numerous multi-national firms. Switzerland has GDP growth of 1.7 percent, unemployment at 3.2 percent, inflation at 0.5 percent, a trade balance of 9.8 percent of GDP, and a population of just above 8 million people.

12. Taiwan

A strong geographical location, a growing skilled and educated workforce, a supportive legal environment, a welcoming business infrastructure, and a strong cluster of IT are among the top advantages to starting a business in Taiwan. The country boasts GDP of $573 billion, GDP growth rate is at 2.9 percent, the population is 24 million, unemployment is 3.8 percent, and inflation is at 1.1 percent.

13. Finland

There are many compelling reasons to start a business in Finland, with a wide array of business opportunities available in the region. Finland’s GDP growth rate is 2.8 percent, unemployment is rather high however at 8.5 percent, inflation is 0.8 percent, and GDP per capita is $45,700.

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