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10 Types of Brochures for Medical Offices

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People are visual. They are attracted by what they see rather than what they hear. To attract their attention, messaging media such as brochures have to be visually appealing. Most people assume a medical brochure should just state its point and get out of the way without having to fret over visuals. The reality is that patients are first attracted to your brochure by how it looks, not its contents.

Brochures can be found along corridors and other places where they can be easily picked. They are easy to distribute and are ideal marketing handouts for your products and services. Organizations use brochure holders to showcase their products and services to their clientele. That brochures work is evidenced by the fact that they have withstood the onslaught of digital marketing and other publicity products. Besides the fact that they are economical to produce, there is something unique about holding an attractively designed brochure in your hand.

Below are 10 types of brochures for medical offices:

1. Gate Fold Brochure

These types of brochures are rare due to their cost, but if used correctly, they can have a great impact. They are best used for high-end marketing and are made of high-quality paper. Their durability makes it possible for the brochure to impact readers for a longer period. Secondary distribution is common since one brochure can safely move through many hands without getting damaged. Its eight-panel structure provides the designer with adequate space to insert information and images.

2. Tri-Fold Brochure

This is perhaps the most common type of brochure. It is cost-efficient to produce. With its six panels and three folds, it has enough space for whatever content you want to insert. Easily portable, the tri-fold brochure is also attractive.

3. Bi-Fold Brochure

A bi-fold brochure folds in half to form four panels: two internal panels and the front cover and back cover. Its main strength is its simplicity, which allows a reader to quickly absorb its contents.

4. Booklet Brochure

A booklet is an advanced bi-fold brochure with multiple pages. This brochure can be modified to have as many pages as are needed to accommodate as much information as you can.

5. Leaflets

A leaflet brochure, also known as a flyer, is appropriate when you want to target a large number of people. Be unique and innovative to make your leaflets stand out of the crowded leaflets space. The light material used for this type of brochure facilitates easy distribution. Content for this brochure must be direct, concise and catchy in order to communicate the central message as quickly and effectively as possible.

6. Folders and Inserts

These are basically bi-fold brochures; the only difference being that they feature additional folders. They are perfect for storing feedback forms or any other information that one may gather from the field.

7. ‘Z’ Fold Brochure

The name is derived from the way the brochure folds. It forms what looks like letter ‘z’ once folded. The ‘Z’ fold is beautiful to look at. You will enjoy reading it. Further folds make it look like an accordion, hence its other nickname, the accordion fold brochure. It helps business people to present information about their wares and services in detail. This folder is also a good alternative to a tri-fold brochure.

Apart from categorizing brochures according to the layout, they can also be categorized by the intended use. A brochure’s first quality must be being reader-friendly. You must always keep in mind the interests of the intended user. Here are more types of brochures classified according to the intended use.

8. Response Brochures

These are brochures that answer to customer inquiries. These are people who have already shown interest in the products or services offered by a firm. The customers are seeking additional information on your product or service to help them confirm their purchase. Its aim is to close a sale, not to advertise.

9. Checkout Brochures

These are brochures meant for an easy quick read. Their aim is to attract new customers and convert them into regular loyal customers. They are placed strategically near the paying point or waiting area for easy pick up by customers as they wait for their payment to be processed. The design is attractive enough to draw the attention of a customer at first glance.

10. Direct Mail Brochures

As the name suggests, these brochures are sent via mail to inform the customer of some new or additional information unknown to them. They are specific in messaging and contain only the relevant message, nothing more.

The image of a doctor’s office depends on the way it is presented. It also depends on the available services, and in what format they are presented. Whatever format you choose to communicate your message, an attractive, yet functional, brochure targeted to relevant clients can greatly improve both the image and growth of your medical office.

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