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10 Defining Features of Golden Retrievers

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It’s no secret that Golden Retriever puppies are adorable, but maybe you are still wondering if you should get one or if you should consider a different dog breed.

This list of 10 reasons why Golden Retrievers are amazing dogs should help you make a choice.

1. They are always enthusiastic

Golden Retrievers are always enthusiastic, they like everyone they meet, and they are more than happy to follow their owners everywhere they go. They are always ready for the next adventure, and they are interested in everything.

2. They have a lot of love to share

Golden Retrievers are full of love. They are loyal to their owners, but they will also share some love with anyone they meet, which is why they don’t make very good guard dogs. Your Golden Retriever will be happy to greet anyone that shows up at your door.

3. They are sweet and gentle

Even as they grow up and become big dogs, Golden Retriever puppies will always stay sweet and gentle. For this reason, they make great family dogs, even if you have young children.

4. They are brave and selfless

Golden Retrievers are brave dogs, and they will do anything they can to protect their human family. Even if they don’t make good guard dogs, you will always feel safe and protected with a Golden Retriever by your side.

5. They are very smart

Golden Retrievers are a very smart dog breed. They are easy to train, and you should also be able to teach them different tricks. Since they love to please, they will learn quickly if you reward them with hugs and praise.

6. They do a lot of silly things

Even though Golden Retrievers are very smart, they always seem to be doing a lot of silly and goofy things that make us laugh. Golden Retrievers owners know how funny their dogs can be.

7. They listen to you when you are sad or upset

Whenever you are sad or upset and need someone to talk to, you can count on your Golden Retriever to listen to you. They know when humans need to be comforted, and they are very good listeners.

8. They take their owners on daily walks

Do you feel like you could use a bit more daily exercise? With a Golden Retriever, you will have no other choice but to go on a long walk each day. Your amazing dog will help you be more active.

9. They are friendly with other pets

Golden Retrievers just love making new friends. If you already have a dog, or another type of pet, you can still get a Golden Retriever as they are always happy to share their home and their human friends.

10. They are gorgeous dogs

Golden Retriever puppies are incredibly cute, but adult Golden Retrievers are adorable and gorgeous as well. You should not choose a dog simply for the way it looks, but you can never go wrong with a beautiful Golden Retriever.

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