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10 Camping Organization Ideas for a Stress-Free Trip

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Have you ever looked for  a pan, for your toothbrush, or for your son’s teddy bear everywhere in your tent and inside your car, only to realize that you have forgotten to pack it before leaving for your camping trip?

Camping can be a lot of fun, but it can also be very messy. If you are hoping to be more efficient for your next camping adventure with your family, these tips will help you. Thanks to these clever camping organization ideas, you’ll be sure to not forget anything important.

1. Get some articles that are only for your camping trips

If you really love camping, you should get a few articles that will only be used for your camping trips, and keep them together in a bag or in a storage bin.

This way, your plates, mugs, utensils, dish rags, dish soap, paper tissues, paper towels and toilet paper will always be ready for the next camping trip.

2. Put what you need inside clear storage bins

Each member of the family can pack a duffle bag or a backpack with their clothes and personal items, but you should put the supplies everyone will need inside clear storage bins.

These will be easy to stack in the trunk of your car, and when you get to your campsite, it will be easy to find the items you need.

3. Roll your clothes instead of folding them

As you pack your clothes inside your duffle bag or backpack, roll them instead of folding them. It will allow you to save some space inside your bag, and you’ll be able to bring a book or two. The kids will want to pack their favourite plush toys or blankets inside their bags.

4. Have a cooler for your food and one for your drinks

Coolers play an important role in the success of your camping organization ideas. Instead of just throwing everything in one large cooler, you could prepare one cooler for your food, and one for your drinks. It will be more simple to find what you need.

To prevent your food from soaking in water as your blocks of ice melt, you could place it on a cooling rack, on top of the ice.

5. Freeze jugs of water instead of using blocks of ice

Freezing water is one of those neat camping organization ideas that you learn with experience. Instead of packing ice in the bottom of your coolers, you could freeze water inside some plastic jugs. As the ice melts, it will provide you with some extra drinking water.

6. Keep your kitchen supplies in a tool box or in a shoe organizer

If you are looking for a clever way to organize your camping kitchen supplies, a tool box could do the trick. Simply use a large tool box to keep your utensils, herbs and spices, dish rags, dish soap, and other kitchen essentials.

Using a shoe organizer could be another option, as these have plenty of pockets that you can fill with different items.

7. Create a convenient hand washing station

A large laundry detergent bottle that has been cleaned out, and filled with water, can be turned into a convenient hand and feet washing station. Keep a towel or a roll of paper towels nearby.

You’ll be glad you followed this tip when your hands are dirty after you have eaten, or if your feet are full of sand that you don’t want to drag into your tent.

8. Prepare a shower bag for each member of the family

If there will be public showers at your campground, you should prepare a shower bag for each member of the family. Each bag should be large enough to hold a towel, a change of clothes, a pair of flip-flops, and some shower supplies.

If you don’t want your shower supplies to touch the shower floor, you could attach small bottles of shampoo and body wash to a lanyard.

9. Stock up on your camping supplies in a smart way

When the time comes to load everything in your car, do it in a smart way. Make sure the things you will need to use first when you get to your campsite, such as your tent and your sunscreen, will be easily accessible.

If you need to bring toilet paper, keep a roll inside an old coffee can so it won’t get wet, or fall on the ground.

10. Restock the items you have used when you get back home

When you get back home after your camping trip, take a moment to restock all the items you have used. Get a new roll of toilet paper and paper towels, and refill your bottles of dish soap, shampoo, and body wash. Make sure your spice containers are not empty.

When it’s time to leave for your next adventure, gathering and preparing everything you need will be a lot more simple.

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