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The Basic Rules Of Weight Loss
Oct 2016
Dr Vinay Bhardwaj
MD, Director, Quantified Health, Grow Fit

How much weight you lose, primarily depends on three factors: your calorie intake, the amount of physical activity you get in and your genes. So, if you have stopped bingeing on junk food, given up midnight snacking and even joined a gym, but your weight remains the same, you are probably missing one or two of the three above mentioned factors. Still, if you’re working on factors one and two diligently, you should be able to see results, so don’t wallow in despair. Just make sure you follow these basic rules of weight loss.

Create A Calorie Deficit
The basic rule for weight loss is that the calories burnt should be greater than the calories consumed. If you can’t bother with a diet plan, make sure you’re at least conscious of your daily calorie intake. Also, there is a good chance that your appetite will go up as you start working out. But if you come home and binge, you are not getting anywhere. Also, if you starve yourself, you might lose weight too fast and not be able to sustain it.

Include Adequate Protein in Your Diet
Protein helps build muscle mass and muscle burns more calories. So, include healthy protein in your daily diet. Seafood, lean meats, beans, soy, nuts and seeds are all good sources of protein.

Don’t Ignore The Inches You Lose
Body fat occupies more space than lean muscle. So don’t just measure your fitness in terms of weight loss. If you are eating healthy and working out enough, your body composition is most likely changing. And if the fat is being replaced by lean muscle, you may not lose weight, but you may still lose inches.