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7 Healthiest Bottled Water Brands

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We all know how important water is for our body, but it seems that we forget to drink it from time to time, which becomes a very bad habit of spending a whole day without a glass of water. We need to be aware that nothing can replace this miraculous liquid, and that no matter what else we try, nothing can help us like water when it comes to those moments we are really thirsty. On the other side, if you are not certain about the quality of water in your area, you can always think of some water treatment systems. Of course, if you don’t spend much time at home and you are always “on the go”, you still need to be well hydrated. It is why you should always have a bottle of water in your bag, so that you may drink even when you are not thirsty. Water can be a true refreshment, especially during hot summer days. However, if you are skeptical when it comes to bottled water, that is also fine, as it is definitely not easy to choose among over 3,000 brands in the marketplace today. It is why we bring you the list of 7 healthiest bottled water brands.

  1. Perrier Mineral Water

Perrier is a French bottled mineral water. This water comes from the south of France and is naturally carbonated, making it one of the most valuable and best-known mineral waters in the world.

  1. Mountain Valley Spring Water

The spring of this water is settled between the Glazypeau and Cedar Mountains in Arkansas.  It is believed to be unique when it comes to its mineral composition and can have medicinal properties that can alleviate chronic disorders.

  1. Evian Natural Spring Water

Evian is a French mineral water brand, coming from several springs near Evian Le Ben on the south coast of Lake Geneva and is filtered naturally. It is water with balanced mineral content and low sodium content, which makes it one of the best quality drinking waters.

  1. Gerolsteiner Mineral Water

This is German water, as its spring is around the area of Volcanic Eifel, Gerolsteiner. Gerolsteiner water is praised as high-quality water, with the incredibly high amount of calcium, bicarbonate, and magnesium.

  1. Icelandic Glacial

As the name itself says, this water comes from Iceland, more precisely, from the 4,500-year-old Ölfus Spring. It is also one of the best quality waters and CarbonNeutral certified.

  1. Volvic Natural Spring Water

This is also French water, with the spring in the Regional Park of the Old Auvergne Volcanoes, a volcanic region that has been dormant for 10,000 years. Due to its quality, it is available in more than 60 countries throughout the world.

  1. San Pellegrino Water

San Pellegrino is a mineral carbonated water from Italy. The natural spring of this water is in Lombardy, at a depth of 400 meters. It is one of the most popular bottled water brands in the world.


So, think smart before you buy your next bottle of water!

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